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Fresh young student, I always thought I was only interested in Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Nike. Recently it felt like I could talk about something else! I had to enter in College to discover it! So, here you are on my new born blog! Please, I only ask for tolerance.

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In 50 years from now

I’ll be a gangsta grandma’

Some lil’ bastards will call me granny

I’ll give them my flow, show them how to party!

I’ll have grey hair and

But still here my swagg, my flow, my hustle

So I ain’t afraid of growing old

Care my rep’ bro, will remain as gold


In 40 years, I’ll be with my crew

I’ll be so good so hood so rich

Between a witch and a bitch, KISS !

The biggest rapper is a girl

Basic Swagg will conquer the world

3 Ladies in the house

3 mothers rapping on Micky Mouse !

We’ll be busy, won’t be easy

But we’re here to fight

The future ain’t ready for us

In our jeans so tight

The future is fearing us


Mom’ and Dad’ used to say

Rap is not a game to play

But today King of Beat

I really don’t give a shit !

Basic Swagg in 50 years : no more drama, no more tears

Swimming pool of dollars and MTV MUSIC AWARDS

Parties with Dr Dre, Lil Wayne and Beyoncé !

Biggie Biggie Biggie can’t U see

Basic Swagg is so nasty


In 2050, I will not be old and ugly, listen up, I ll be finally an adult coming from the 90’s really mature and maybe a bit strange, but above all I will be LEELOO. Because she is so cool

And she lives in a wild wild world, she is completely lost in it but she is a fighter, so she will be the 5th element that this wild world misses. Beyond all the inspiration that Leeloo gives me, its also a bit true that in 2050 I could be this 5th element the world -going crazy- will be missing.

Even if I am a mother, I ll be a Leeloo mother, meaning I’ll dress my kids in orange, make them eat carots, carot juice, orange, orange juice and of course they will be red haired boys and girls. If if I am a wife I’ll be a Leeloo wife, meaning that I will not really dress myself except with orange and white sparadras, I’ll be speaking a crazy language, lauging and crying and screaming at the same time. I will have a Leeloo family with animals, like a small Leeloo poneys for instance


I will have in 2050 a Leeloo state of mind, above all if I’m living in NYC and I think in 2050 there will be no need to work so it is really perfect I could be Leeloo all day long: meeting strangers in flying cars and trying to find my own path, my own thing, trying to accept that I am the 5th element. Well, well, well it won’t be easy but I guess I am ready for this. 2050 watch outtt


It will be in less than 40 years and the world is going so fast that I can only picture myself  being in kind of a bubble with a lot of digital tactile screens around me that I am not even compelled to touch to activate them, only my voice or a button on my arm can select options that I desire.

For instance, i can tag by voice a picture on facebook, while skyping with my mother, ordering a meal on a special site who cooks for you whatever you want and deliver your order at home wherever you live in the globe, and making a movie with 3d and special effects on a special application. Simply, everything will be about being creative without no physical efforts because it’s all about your brain. But people will gain weight as a natural consequence so coaches and sport games will be available on the net: the day you want you will be able to chose a coach and exercise and make workout at home with a big screen, if you want, you can be in a class so that you really can share with people,  you could see on your screens all the persons that take the class with you, however if you desire to play a game as basket ball or soccer, you can chose your team mates in your data base, or from an unknown date base (teams can pre exist) and select a place, a time to play.

If you’re really too lazy, you can be on the Internet in a special chair that makes you lose weight, everytime you close an application for exemple finishing to twitt, your chair is reaching another level of sport, thus at the end of the Internet activity you will be completely working out but it would have been graduated.

(For twitter I want to underline thatof course you did not write anything since writing is no longer fashionable, spelling is the new writing, thinking is the new ordering as well)

But I am not sure it will be end of blogs because humanbeing will always love to put down their their thoughts, so maybe it will only be a new form, maybe we can write with a new pen on the screen that will look like a sheet (kind of a stilet) but grammar corrector included! And the sheet will straight comes out the screen by a special printer. Everything is possible but I can not wait that moment when you discover the new application that makes you feel you are definetely stepping into the future, that a new easy world is accessible even without a click !


Yes, our mean blonde lady (who pretends to be really nice), leader of The National Front in France (FN) is in the US for five days, road tripping and hoping to meet Ron Paul from the Tea party. What does this mean?

It means two main things (at least, because we can interpretate in one million ways more)


She’s not in France to participate to the big debate about financial crisis and Euro, but according to her this subject is so international that we can talk about it everywhere. France, Europe or the US, nothing can stop the girl from talking about it.


She definitely wants to meet the leader of the Tea Party, who already cancelled the meeting once, in order to talk about the superpower (in decline? I don’t think so) of  the United States. I mean, she wants to meet the leader of the isolationnist party who reckons that United States should put the priority on his national affairs wether than on international affairs. Which means, to give up on this role  of mondial referee. Why not ? But why Marine Le Pen is so much interested in it ?

Because Marine Le Pen leader of FN thinks that we should get back to the “étalon or” and United States should step back a little back and maybe let France shines… Fair enough.  I Think Marine Lepen is such a cowboy, discovering far west but protecting and enhancing her own territory. She ain’t scared of nothing and she has the heart and  fidelity principles of  a real farmer. Too bad, I hate cowboys for what they did to Indians (even if they were not the only ones) and also since I saw Brokeback Mountain, it broke my heart and I promised myself that the only cowboy women who worthed it was Doctor Quinn.  Doctor Quinn had values, she loved strangers and indians, she was kind of social, she was devoted  and really not a liar about what she felt our thought. Well, the opposite of Marine.

Living trough crisis: E is missing


Mc Diane is taking the Mic Yo:

Not affected by the crisis

Just chillin with my bros and my MCs

Just following my gangsta’s dreams

Mo money mo bitches

Blame it on my credit card, on the sneakers of my bodyguard


Mc Lili has it all:


I wanna stay cool

but i gotta drop high school

my moma sent me to the factory

cause we have no money


They used to say mo money mo problem

but I got 0 euros on my account man

No money no food no money more hood

it’s a real problem

 Mc Tan is in da place :

Crisis strikes eveywhere

There’s nothing left to share

People are starving

They aint got nothing

No more job, no more house

Aint the life of Mickey Mouse


Euro down to zero,

It’s getting ghetto

Greece is broke

It’s really not a joke !

this is my video resume. Enjoy

Joey starr is really on the spot these days with a new album : Egomaniac and still his movie directed by the incredible Maiwenn : Polisse


So I figured out that to turn someone really bad into someone quite good (and above all loved by people) someone that we’re not scared of anymore the solution is quite simple. We need a talented girl and we need a camera. Action.

Joey Starr has always been this scary bad guy who bites hostess’s ears in the middle of an aircraft for not behaving good, he ‘s always been this famous legend rapper, scandalous, nervous and outrageous. Sometimes in jail, sometimes in his marvellous car, sometimes with a dangerous girl sometimes with his (cute? ) children, we never knew what to expect, and he was standing for the wolf in Little Red Carpet. Grrh. Then, Maiween came with her second movie : “Le bal des actrices” ( Actress’s prom) and gave him the part of her husband and the father of her son. First, he can really act and second, we all discover that Joey Starr has a heart, and we all want to be inside (girls talk) His relationship with Maiwenn in this movie seems really realistic. Few years later, Maiwenn has a new movie “Polisse” (cops) giving a part to Joey and by the way declaring her love for him.

We can see him tender, sweet, sometimes nervous but always for good reasons, NTM (his band, litteraly F***k your mother) seems so 90’s. Now the bad boy has become a sugar, but a cool one, with convictions and swagg, all the frenchies want  to be with him. The rapper is now someone that hipsters and bobos want to hang out with. How cool is this mutation? But Joey the eternal rebel doesn’t care, loved or unloved, appreciated or despised, the most important things for him are his family and his art. That’s wht we love him  I guess.



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